Before & After Editing {Education for Photographers}

Before & After Editing

As a photographer, I am always SO interested to see the before & after editing from other photographers! I’ve been meaning to make this blog post for a long time, especially because I get tons of questions every month about how I edit my images! And although editing is super important in defining your own style, what’s equally as important is the type of light, colors, and backgrounds you use when creating your images!

Personally, I love to shoot backlit, with clean, simple backgrounds and as much greens in the image as possible! I also like to underexpose just a bit to retain some detail in the highlights! Once I brighten my images in post, I apply a specific customized Mastin Labs preset depending on if it was shot indoors or outdoors! I also like to use a subtle amount of split toning in my highlights to get a slightly pink coloring to the overall image! I’m so excited to share my before & after editing with you guys! I hope these ten images hold you over until you start jonesing for some more before & afters! Maybe I should make this a monthly thing?! What do you think? Use the slider over each image to see each edit!

That’s us!^^ One of our favorites views had a bunch of gorgeous houses in the background! It was worth taking it into Photoshop for some extra magic, but I try to stay away from this kind of editing as much as possible! Thank you so much for visiting the blog today! Tanner and I hope you have a very special Valentine’s Day!

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