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I started this business when I was just 19 years old and I still can’t believe I get to call this my career! I’m always the lead photographer and communicator, which means you'll be hearing a lot from me! My strengths are in the creative side of things. Always looking for the best light, the best backgrounds, and always making sure you look & feel amazing! From helping you plan your outfits, to making sure your kiddos are excited about their session, my goal is for you to feel at home with me in everything I do, and not just in my work!

I used to sit on the floor in my room and paint for hours. I definitely destroyed my fair share of carpeting. I’m sure my parents were thrilled when I started using a camera for my creative outlet! I was about 7 years into my photography journey when I shot my first family session, and immediately fell in love with the joyful portraits, the fast paced environment, and the reality that those photos are going to be apart of your family for generations. All it took was one family session for me to see the magic in each and every one.

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meet me

I didn’t grow up knowing I wanted to be a photographer - But I did know that I loved the creative side of things.

I’m Bailey!

FOR THE Families who cherish Small
intimate moments        big JOYFUL memories. 

My Mission and Purpose

but not everyone is a
professional photographer ⟶

If you are anything like me, you don’t take the important things nor the little things for granted. I put so much value on my relationships with my friends and family because quite honestly, I don’t know when I’ll get to see them again. The most important people in my life live in different zip codes, different states, and even in different countries. But every time we’re together, you bet your butt you’ll find me with a camera in my hand. Each moment with my favorite people in the world is unique and precious, 

and it’s important to me to have these moments to look back on as my life ventures forward.

So my mission is to be that photographer for you, to capture these moments for you. I want you to have these keepsakes that will be treasured and cherished forever. 
Photography aside, I’m just bubbly & quirky someone who loves the ultra meaningful bits of life as well as the free-spirited side of things! I love adventures, but I’ve also seen The Office from beginning to end ten times! I love making lists (for pretty much everything), but I’m also down to go with the flow. I’m the most hardcore night owl you’ll ever meet, yet I’m pretty afraid of the dark.

Photography is the most important thing in my life, and I care about your moments just as much as I care about my own. 

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We've known each other for 18 years - so It's safe to say we make a good team!

This is Us

Tanner is my right-hand man when it comes to shooting weddings with me! We primarily shoot in Indiana and throughout the Midwest, but we also LOVE to travel. I couldn't imagine shooting a single wedding without him, but I'll let him stay home with our kitties while I'm with you for your family session! You won't need two photographers there to make your session even more chaotic! 

In the summer, we adore relaxing outside and taking super long naps in our hammock! And we recently discovered our love for skydiving and kayaking! We love going on long drives at night, and the best part is pulling over to look for shooting stars. I'm in love with watching sunsets and Tanner loves it when it rains. So, if you haven't figured it out by now, we just love everything that nature has to offer!


this is us

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Tanner and I have known each other for 18 years! We met at our elementary school bus stop when I was 6 years old! I used to put flowers and love notes in his mail box as my way of flirting and he would tease me from across the sidewalk as we walked home from school. Tanner moved away soon after we met, but we reconnected during our first high school drumline practice (yes, we were huge band geeks!).

At the end of our first date, he walked me to my car (mind you it was winter), and I slipped on the ice! How embarrassing, right? But it wasn't so bad, because Tanner caught me before I hit the ground! For my first date, I thought that moment was THE definition of romance! And he's been sweeping me off my feet since!


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Tanner has been photographing each wedding with me since 2015! It has been SO fun working with my best friend over the past few years!

He’s the quiet, down-to-earth, organized one who keeps me sane.

Tanner mostly works in the background throughout the day, making sure he captures the little moments that might go unnoticed. Besides being an incredible second shooter, he’s always there to help move heavy things, fluff the dress, and make my life easier!

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get to know tanner

Our house is FILLED with plants! But really, this category ranges anywhere from plants to sunsets! If it's outside, I probably love it! Unless it's a spider.


I hula hoop! On a daily basis! I've been hooping for 7 years and it's the best hobby in the world! Hooping has taken me to all sorts of places, including England and Bali!


Our house is also FILLED with dreamcatchers and macrame! I love crafting these little beauties. This is where the whimsical princess side of me really shines!


 Tanner and I LOVE music festivals! They're so much fun! The music, the people, dancing, camping, sunshine! It's our favorite kind of vacation!


Yes, I am that kind of person! I have all sorts of crystals sprucing up our home! They're so pretty! After I bought my first one, I immediately became obsessed!


I wish there was a way to put a scratch and sniff right here because these two scents are SO dreamy!

Nag Champa & Tube Rose

I have an entire wall in my closet, hung top to bottom with necklaces. I'm not trying to play favorites here, but I definitely wear some more than others.


Last but NOT least, Trudy and Chaser are our adorable rescue fur-babies! They snuggle with us every night and Tanner secretly hopes they never grow out of it.

our kitties

A Few of My Favorite Things