Whimsical Indianapolis Art Center Wedding {Kara & Trevor}

Whimsical Indianapolis Art Center WeddingI almost don’t have any words to describe Kara & Trevor’s whimsical Indianapolis Art Center wedding. It was magical, lovely, deep, and passionate. It was comfortable, light-hearted, and genuine. And their wedding was just the beginning of their journey. I’m sitting here trying to think of all the ways I could express how incredible their day was, and there’s simply too much to say. But I don’t want to forget those little moments that made their wedding special, and I especially don’t want Kara & Trevor to forget.

Around 11am, I walked into the loudest bridal prep ever. So loud, I couldn’t hear myself saying hello. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Kara has 4 sisters, plus 4 other bridesmaids, plus 3 flower girls, plus the mom’s, and they had a few super cute doggies walking around too. All in one space! But this loud was the good kind of loud. Not the chaotic, “we’re frantically running behind” loud. But the “we are overjoyed, so excited, filled with love” kind of loud. Immediately, I knew their wedding was going to be pure magic… sprinkled with lots of whimsy! I mean, even during the bridal prep, there were fluffs of cotton just casually floating around outside. Can’t get more whimsical than that!

What seemed like just minutes after I arrived, it was time to meet Trevor at the Indianapolis Art Center for their first look. Everyone knows that first looks are my absolute favorite, but Kara & Trevor took the meaning of the first look to a whole new level. Not only were both of them crying and laughing…. and crying and laughing some more… but I definitely was as well! And I’m pretty sure AJ, the coolest videographer in the world, was getting a little emotional too! As much as I love moving on to portraits after the first look, I almost didn’t want their special moment to end. It was such a soft, magical moment. I swear time froze when Trevor turned around.

The next couple of hours FLEW by! We had SO much fun during their wedding party portraits! Family formals were as smooth as could be. And before you knew it, Kara’s father had walked her down the aisle, Kara & Trevor has said their vows, and it was time to celebrate at their reception! Now, in the past, receptions haven’t my absolute favorite part of the day. But Kara & Trevor’s reception was a whole different story. I learned so much about them, their family, and their relationship, just by really being present during the toasts. And from now on, I will ALWAYS pay very close attention to what their loved ones have to say. This part of the day has become a new favorite of mine, thanks to their friends and family.

Leading up to Kara & Trevor’s whimsical Indianapolis Art Center wedding, I had a very long week that left me feeling deflated and exhausted. But all of that changed the second I stepped into their wedding day. Being around Kara & Trevor all day, basically breathed all of the life back into me. This was a 12 hour wedding day, that started just 8 hours after my 3rd flight of the week landed, and I still didn’t want to leave their wedding after my time was up. If that doesn’t tell you how perfect this wedding was, I don’t know what will.

Kara & Trevor, congratulations! Words cannot express my gratitude. For that day, you invited me into your life. You invited me into your family’s lives. And you invited me into the first day of your biggest adventure yet. It was more than an honor to be apart of your wedding and I can’t wait to see your love grow beyond imagination!

As I was editing, this photo of Kara’s father’s toast literally stopped me in my tracks! I sat and stared at this with tears in my eyes for at least ten minutes!

Look at that storm rolling in!! Soon after this shot, we got hit with a downpour of rain!