Cuddly In-Home Indianapolis Session {Emma & Conor}

Emma & Conor’s Cuddly In-Home Indianapolis Session was so fun in every way! Their chemistry, the decor, the vibes… the list is never ending! Their session was just a hint of what their every day life is be like. And let me tell you. They’re wildly in love. To be fair, I’ve know this since they first met in college. Both of them skipped class one day and the next day they had ended up paired together on a project because they were the only two people without a partner. Fate, much? Also, I met Emma when I was in FIRST GRADE! Can you believe it?! We’ve known each other for over 20 years! We even played soccer together for 5 years when we were kids!

Several years ago, I put together a styled winter wedding to help build my winter portfolio (oh how my editing has changed! haha!). I asked Emma to model for me, because she’s too dang beautiful, and I asked her to bring her boyfriend of 3 months with her! They hadn’t been dating long at the time, but during our session, it was VERY obvious that Conor was “the one”. Fast forward a couple years and now they’re married!