Romantic Surprise Proposal {Kirsti & Brad}

Where do I start when it comes to how special Kirsti & Brad’s Romantic Surprise Proposal was?!! Well, first of all, Brad is one of my childhood best friends, so there’s that! Next up, I met Kirsti while her and Brad were on their first date at the Vault in Lafayette, IN. When Brad messaged me about wanting to propose, we immediately met up to start planning. He wanted fairy lights everywhere, their families there, and a surprise engagement party afterwards.

The tricky part was making sure Kirsti had no idea what was in store for her. And the closer we got to the proposal date, the more Brad started slipping up haha! From calling the salon to reschedule her appointments (and Kirsti wondering why the salon kept rescheduling), to accidentally texting her instead of her besties about the big secret (that one was a BIG oopsies haha!). Things started looking a little dicey, and we just kept hoping Kirsti wouldn’t call Brad out on his secretive behavior. Lucky for him, she is the one, and fully trusts him.

After all of this, we finally made it to their Romantic Surprise Proposal day. Brad and her besties planned for her to have a girls night out so he could have time to set up the scene. So lets get some backstory! One of the first times Brad knew she was the one for him, they went out randonauting (aka getting random coordinates to explore an area), and it led them to Horticulture Park (where Brad ends up popping the question).

On this randonauting date, Kirsti got her fuzzy flip flops stuck in the mud. Let’s just say it got really messy and seeing her just laugh it off, sealed the deal for Brad. So when he began planning the proposal, Horticulture Park was a clear choice for him. And what better way to secretly give Kirsti the exact coordinates to the special spot than to have her and her best friends go randonauting.

Once Kirsti arrived, Brad’s best friends were hiding in the woods to give Brad the secret (but very loud) “KAKAW” signal to let him know she had arrived. Soon Kirsti found herself walking a candle lit path to the coordinates where she would be asked a very special question. One thing I will never forget is hugging Brad before I went in to the woods to hide, and then watching him as he paced back and forth, full of nerves. It was the sweetest thing to witness. And lucky for him his nerves soon went away because Kirsti almost beefed it when she was walking towards him hahaha! She didnt though! Don’t worry!

After he asked for her hand in marriage, she was surprised again by her family! They were in hiding the whole time! Cue lots of hugs and showing off that banger of a ring! From there we headed to the Vault for their surprise engagement party! It was SO beautiful to see them surrounded by their friends and family! And I am forever grateful to have been invited to share this experience with them! Brad & Kirsti, thank you for being such amazing friends. I am SO happy for you and I can’t wait to see all that’s to come for you!

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