Autumn Ritz Charles Wedding {Lindsey & Jordan}

Lindsey & Jordan’s Autumn Ritz Charles Wedding at The Bluff at Connor Prairie was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! I’ve known Jordan & his family literally since before he was even born. That extra special history always makes weddings just that much better. We started the day with preparations as usual, but their day was particularly calm. I walked into The Bluffs at Connor Prairie and all I could hear was the rustling of the autumn leaves, the crunch of them beneath my feet, and a faint whistling of the wind. The bridal suite was quiet and relaxed, just how Lindsey wanted it. The groomsmen area was even quieter. Most of the guys were outside playing corn hole, but Jordan, his bestie, and his dad were just chilling. It was clear Lindsey & Jordan were just ready to be wed. No nerves, no jitters, just pure readiness.

Following their preparations, we started the photography portion with a truly joyful daddy/daughter first look. His expression in the photos says it all. Lindsey was the most stunning bride, after all. And within a few minutes, it was time for Lindsey & Jordan’s private vow reading in the woods. I don’t think Lindsey even got the first sentence out before they both felt the weight of that moment and teared up.

Lindsey & Jordan’s Autumn Ritz Charles Wedding will forever be one of my favorites. It’s hard not to deem it as such when these two have such a clear soulmate connection. The kind of connection that has traveled lifetimes and dimensions to find each other again. And it reminded me all over again what I love most about wedding photography.