Summer Cheyenne Mountain Resort Wedding {Meredith & James}

Meredith & James…. AH! Where do I even start about their Summer Cheyenne Mountain Resort Wedding?! Honestly!?! They had both been back and forth for months about whether they wanted to elope or have a traditional wedding. They wanted both aspects. And I kid you not when I say this, YOU can have WHATEVER YOU WANT.

I met Meredith in 4th grade. She knocked on my door one day with my childhood neighbor. She was new to town. And we have been friends ever since. Now, her and James have their own homestead in Arkansas, living their own lives to the fullest! They are the epitome of, “If you can dream it, you can do it”! I am so proud of them.

But, back to their wedding day! They had a 3 hour wedding day. They invited their closest friends and family and STILL had 50+ people there. Oh yes, Meredith & James are quite loved by their people. Rightfully so. VERY rightfully so. The had preparations, ceremony (the best, most full of giggles and cheer ceremony that I’ve ever seen), and a reception. They got their traditional wedding experience. BUT THEN. But then it was THEIR time and their time alone. We took James’ jeep up to one of their favorite spots in Colorado Springs. Their day had been so cloudy with a little bit of drizzling here and there. But the moment we got to their spot, the sun peeked through the clouds and gave us the most beautiful “Congratulations” I’ve seen from Mother Nature. It only last a couple minutes but my god was it beautiful.

We ended their day with an epic view of Garden of the God’s and they went back home and smoked a fat joint together. Well deserved after such a dope ass day. Meredith & James have given me true friendship, travel experiences, and a lifetime of memories. I am so proud of them, so happy for them, and will certainly be rooting them on in all of their endeavors for the rest of time.