Stormy Oregon Elopement {Kara & Trevor}

When it rains it pours… and hails! But when it’s on your wedding day, it’s also quite magical. What a whirlwind of a day we had during Kara & Trevor’s Stormy Oregon Elopement. I’ve shot many rainy weddings in the past, but never with a couple like these two who completely embraced the weather! They even brought their adorable toddler along, and not even he got fussy about the weather! They were SUCH troopers for their Stormy Oregon Elopement and their positive attitudes really paid off! You’ll see.

We began the day at the Wahclella Falls Trailhead, right before the madness hit. So far so good, no rain yet. But less than 5 minutes in, the sky opened up and released a massive amount of hail. I was shocked, because I rarely see hail in Indiana, and while we were expecting a bit of rain, we definitely didn’t have hail on our minds! About 5 minutes into the hail, it started pouring down rain. What a day it had been already and we had barely just begun. Haha! So we quickly but carefully made our way to the falls, stopping to take a few epic photos along the way. Once we got to Wahclella Falls, we took some time to appreciate how BEAUTIFUL this waterfall and landscape was. And lucky for us, the rain cleared up just in time for family photos!

After we hit the trail back to our vehicles, we set out for our second location in Cascade Locks, Oregon. We planned on doing couples photos, more family photos, and then their intimate ceremony. But alas, the weather had different plans! We could see another HUGE storm just across the Columbia River Gorge. It was such an incredible view, but we had to prioritize and pivot, fast! The heavens began raining down on us mid-vow reading, once again. But just a few minutes later, the clouds parted for a short amount of time. Just enough to read their vows to each other and watch the EPIC landscape light up before them. It was beyond one of the most incredible views I’ve ever seen. And then it started pouring and hailing again hahaha, but hey, can’t win ’em all, right?

Even though the weather was dicey for most of their Stormy Oregon Elopement, Kara, Trevor, and their precious son, made the most of it and were able to watch one of the most incredible sunsets ever. I am so grateful to have these wonderful and kind people in my life, and I certainly can’t wait to see them again for their 10 year vow renewal!